martyred intellectuals day quotes

martyred intellectuals day quotes


dear reader December 14 Martyred Intellectuals Day. This day is a painful black chapter in history.

Because on this day, the invading army of Pakistan and its accomplices Razakars jointly planned and killed the best intellectuals of Bengal.

Basically, in the month of December 1971, the invading forces in Pakistan, after realizing their sure defeat, started a conspiracy to demoralize Bangladesh and the Bengali nation.

The implementation of this blue design is aimed at ensuring that the war-winning Bengalis never again stand tall in the field of education and science.

After Bangladesh became independent, December 14 was declared as Martyr Intellectuals Day.

And the day is celebrated with great importance.In view of Martyr Intellectual Day, some quotes of the day were written in a short time. Read them for now.

Comment if you need more. It will be written in an interesting and excellent manner, inshallah.

martyred intellectuals day quotes

1. December 14 Martyred Intellectuals Day. On this day, we remember all the martyrs with respect. I am praying that Allah will give them a high place in Paradise.

2. O great intellectual martyr. We will never forget your sacrifice. You will remain forever in everyone’s heart.

martyred intellectuals day quotes
martyred intellectuals day quotes

3. I wish for the salvation of their souls on Martyred Intellectuals Day. And vow to be inspired by intellectuals.

4. December 14 Martyred Intellectuals Day.
You were, you are, and you will be forever.
May every morning be enlivened by your ideals.

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5. We have deep respect and love for the martyred intellectuals, the sun children of the nation.

martyred intellectuals day quotes

knock knock
– Who?
– Sir, come out. There is talk.
– Academics: 991
– Journalist: 13
– Doctor: 49
– Lawyer: 42
– Others: 16
A short story of the Bengali nation going back hundreds of years.

#The history of liberation war has changed with the change of power. If there were martyred intellectuals, we would have got the true history of the liberation war.

#It has become clear how terrible the traitors are by killing martyr intellectuals. So they have no excuse.

#Pakistan’s Ghost Rajakars Killed T Martyred Intellectuals But Cold Notes Stop Bangladesh From Moving Forward.

# Martyred intellectuals are successful even with their lives. Even after all these years, everyone remembers them but the Razakars failed. Living, dead, they are hated.

Status on Intellectual Day

1. Martyrdom of seventy-one
Those who are intellectuals
I am proud of them
They are the crown of the head.
2. December 14 is the great intellectual day today
Intellectuals have always been the crown of heads.
3. The tactics of intellectuals are unique than those of freedom fighters. Because in the battlefield they have proceeded according to the formula.
4. Irrespective of party, creed and caste, everyone should show deep respect and love to the martyred intellectuals.
5. Intellectuals are immortal today
Pakistan and Razakar have broken their backs.