Top 10 Best Schools in Bangladesh

1.Viqarunnisa Noon School

One of the most disciplined schools in our country, it is the most important part of us, all Viqis. It teaches us how to love our own country and respect our cultures. It helps us grow up as good citizens and good people. We all Viqis feel proud to be students of this school, so we think we deserve a great position here. Thanks.

We should be at the top of the list. Undoubtedly, the best institution for girls.

Viqarunnisa Noon School’s contribution to women’s education and empowerment in Bangladesh is simply undeniable. I am grateful to be a student of this school.

2.Ideal School and College

This is a historical school. Nobody can think of it as anything other than ideal. I’m proud to be an ideal student. In the morning shift, there are assemblies, good study, discipline, and classes for grades 1-3. In the day shift, there are assemblies, good study, Zuhr prayer, and discipline. Overall, Ideal School is the best school in Bangladesh.Obviously, this is the finest institution in our country. It develops the sense of regularity, religion, and many other things. We were together as a family! How can I forget all those sweet memories of my school life! Ideal is the best! Proud to be an ‘Ideal’!Ideal School and College is, without any doubt, the best school in the history of Bangladesh. I really do believe it. Today, what I am, and tomorrow, what I will be, it all started at this awesome place.

3.Government Laboratory High School

This historical school was established on September 3, 1961. One of the main reasons for establishing the Government Laboratory High School was to assist trainees from the Teacher’s Training College in practicing teaching. The driving force behind organizing this school was Muhammad Osman Gani, the then-principal of the Teacher’s Training College. The school was inaugurated by Muhammad Shamsul Haque, the then Director of the Department of Public Education. The first headmaster of the school was Khan Muhammad Salek. He took office in 1961 and served for a total of 12 years.

The Government Laboratory High School is located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Govt. Lab (as it is popularly known) was established on September 3, 1961. The boys’ school is a leading public school in the region.

This renowned school has its own history from the beginning. We have our martyred brothers from 1971 who attended this school. Like others, I had to fight for admission and placed 5th out of almost 2,000 candidates in 1994. We’ve gained experience and lessons from our beloved and respected teachers, seniors, and friends. Now we are on our own career paths. However, the root is this school where we learned the basics, behavior, and manners, among other things. May this school continue for a long time and produce good human beings. I am proud to be a Laboratorian. Lab rules.

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4.Saint Joseph Higher Secondary School

A student who enters this institution leaves not only with a top-notch education but also with life skills that help them survive and thrive in a competitive world. This institution doesn’t produce thousands of graduates every year. Instead, it nurtures 160 strong personalities capable of competing with and dominating those thousands.

In most schools, students may only know their friends, but here, students are on good terms with both seniors and juniors, spanning different generations. While other schools may have alumni, we have “Josephites,” transcending age, color, and religion. St. Joseph is our second home, and we are fortunate to be part of its family.

The quality of a school is determined by the excellence of its students. From childhood to adulthood, a person remains closely attached to a school that helps build the fundamentals of a student’s character and intellect. Qualities such as humanity, brilliance, and sportsmanship are all imparted by the school’s culture.

Now, consider the Josephites. They represent the most cultured, brilliant minds in the country. Saint Joseph can confidently claim to have produced some of the finest individuals in this nation. And yes, there is no doubt in my mind, nor should there be in anyone else’s, that our school is the best. Not only in this country but also in the world. Josephites rule.

5.St. Gregory’s High School

It is one of the oldest and most famous schools in Bangladesh. Being a part of this school, I feel very proud. It has produced Prime Ministers, Presidents, Nobel Laureates, world-famous lawyers, architects, teachers, businessmen, politicians, and many others. Without a doubt, it is the best school in Bangladesh for me. There is no discrimination among students and teachers. Everyone is known by the term “Gregorian.” The school not only helps students become good citizens and human beings but also prepares them for the present world and for heaven. In other words, it provides holistic formation to all students.

It is the best school in Bangladesh. The educational system of this school is highly qualified. In addition to this, the school is renowned for its excellent results. Students are well-behaved and always follow the guidelines and advice of the teachers. Teachers give their best to deliver 100% in the classroom to enhance the students’ knowledge. This is why Gregorians don’t lag behind in taking positive steps and always strive to be on the right path.

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6.Rifles Public School and College

A school that teaches not only syllabus-related subjects but also values that make a human child a human being, my 13 years of studying at this institution (K.G to 12th grade) are the best moments of my life. The teachers, the natural surroundings, and the overall environment are conducive for a student’s growth. Rifles Public School and College is not just an institution. It’s a second home. I’m proud to be a RiPublican and lucky to study in such a friendly, beautiful institution.

Talk about education, talk about discipline, talk about understanding our culture, talk about lessons on life – Rifles Public is the best!

I’ve been a student of this institution for 12 years now, from KG to 11th grade. My journey has been wonderful. The most priceless quality the institution teaches is discipline. Teachers spend half of the class time teaching discipline. They are brilliant in their fields and very helpful.

The most amazing part was meeting teachers like Agarwala sir and Nurul Islam sir. The labs are well-equipped, and we have the most advanced computer labs among other Bangladeshi colleges. Our college is situated in the BGB campus, making it one of the most secure places in Bangladesh. The area is covered with lots of trees, fields, and ponds. I’m proud to be a RiPublican.

7.Holy Cross Girls’ High School

This is the best school I have ever seen. Teachers are very helpful. They teach not only subject learning but also moral activities, handwriting, reading storybooks, and doing physical activities. We also engage in cultural activities for many special occasions, such as teacher’s farewells and student’s farewells. We have different types of clubs and computer classes too. Sometimes teachers share their experiences from their lives at school. We really enjoy those. Students there are very friendly. I am really very proud to be a Crossmer. I can truly say that you will never find another school like HCGHS.

Holy Cross Girls High School trains girls to be self-reliant, courageous, and creative. It also provides opportunities for a large number of extracurricular activities. In terms of academics, the school doesn’t support mere rote learning based on suggested answers. Rather, it encourages students to learn every topic by heart. Therefore, it should be in the first place among all the schools of Bangladesh.

8.Dhaka Residential Model College

I believe Dhaka Residential Model College deserves to be the best school in Bangladesh. Very few schools in Bangladesh are as well-disciplined, mannered, and spacious as Dhaka Residential Model College. I have been attending this school since 2005. However, that’s not the reason I’ve voted for it. The actual reason is the love, affection, and respect I’ve experienced. I know how we are taught and treated here, and these teachings are sufficient to develop us in every way. Sooner or later, each of us realizes this and becomes eligible contributors to both ourselves and our country.

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Dhaka Residential Model College has made us well-rounded individuals with good discipline, manners, and character. Therefore, my vote goes to my former school. Thank you.

There may be debates over which one is the “best” school or college in Bangladesh, but there should be no debate that DRMC is the most “elegant” school or college in Bangladesh. During weekly assemblies, the beauty of its students marching in unison – wearing white shirts, white slacks, black shoes, and blue ties – is simply peerless. Few schools or colleges in the country provide as high a quality of education as DRMC. However, no other school or college (except perhaps the Cadet Colleges) can boast a student body with such graceful and refined taste in appearance, dress, style, and behavior.

9.Rajuk Uttara Model School & College

It’s really very hard to get admission into Rajuk College. The rules and discipline are good and well-managed. The teachers are highly educated. It’s true. Only gifted, meritorious students and highly hardworking students get to study here.

What I am now is only because of Rajuk College. We have achieved success within a very short time. It’s only because of the rules and regulations, discipline, and teaching methods of the college. Rajuk College is the best. I am proud to be a Rajukian.

Teacher, environment, lab facilities, library, playground, self-transportation system, rules, and regulations – everything is available in one school. So, this is the best.

10.Dhanmondi Government Boys’ High School

The school was established in 1965 and follows the SSC curriculum in Bengali medium. The school enrolls students from class 1 to 10 and operates in two shifts: morning and day. In the morning shift, there is one section from class 1 to class 5 and two sections from class 6 to class 10. In the day shift, there are three sections from class 6 to class 10. There is no opportunity to study in the day shift from class 1 to class 5. Each section has 60 students. Every year, about 300 students appear in the SSC, JSC, and PSC examinations, with about three-fourths in science and the rest in commerce.This is where I met my first real friends in my whole life. My days here were significantly influential in my later life, in many aspects. The time is filled with unforgettable memories that turn into nostalgia and come back to me like waves, leaving me in an undefined and surrealistic state.

Dhanmondi Government Boys’ High School is what kind of molds you into the person you are. I have great memories, both good and bad, as well as some learning experiences that I’ll take with me for the rest of my life.

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